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Monday, April 8



Tuesday, April 9

  • 08.00  -  09.00    Coffee & Registration (conference entrance at Helsingforsgade)
  • 09.00  -  09.15    Welcome to SIDeR2013
  • 09.15  -  10.30    Keynote 1: Stephan Wensveen
  • 10.30  -  11.00    Coffee Break
  • 11.00  -  12.30    Paper Session (track 1+2)
  • 12.30  -  14.00    Lunch: Open Poster & Demo Session
  • 14.00  -  17.00    Workshops

    - Workshop 1:
    The Bthere method
    This workshop introduces to the general concept of the Bthere method through a hands-on deployment. The method divides a site and its surroundings into different layers, and thereby unfold aspects and find depths that are not visible from the surface. BThere is divided into two phases; the data collection phase, and the design phase, where the data collected is used to generate interactive concepts for the space of investigation, in this case Store Torv in the city of Aarhus. The workshop is a tool that can be used to address the contextual complexity of the joint physical, cultural and social places we inhabit in the design of interactive producst and environments. 

    - Workshop 2: Empowering the Arcade: 8-bit battle Royale
    build a game controller for playing retro arcade games.
    Using the MakeyMakey and Arduino platform together with rapid mock-up
    and prototyping techniques we build our own freestyle game controller
    Where: The Chomsky Lab

    - Workshop 3: Materializing Interaction - Get on (Bread)board!
    Get your hands dirty in AU’s physical prototyping lab. This workshop will give you a chance to explore a range of materials for physical interaction and thus expand your repertoire for doing tangible interface design. You will build simple circuits that react to sensory input by producing light or sound. To materlialize interaction, you will play with analog sensors - both homemade from simple materials like aluminium foil, pencils and conductive textiles, as well as prefabricated ones.

    The goal of the workshop is to spark your creativity and create an atmosphere where you can experiment with simple physical interaction in a playful way.

    No previous experience with electronics is required, and you will get the most out of this workshop if you’re not an experienced electronics geek.
    Where: The DD Lab

    - Workshop 4: Design Materials in Participation
    We try out different technologies, such as 3d tabletop projections, interactive tables and other projects at CAVI. After that, we collaboratively work with a real research-through-design case to invent a new workshop forms for involving users using these technologies. A peak into the future of user involvement? A techno-fantasy? Help us find out!

    The goal of the workshop is to explore how new kinds of information technology such as 3d-projections, different kinds of tracking and so on, can be used to help users and designers investigate subjects such as urban planning, or augmented reality. Here's an example of the technology in question
    Where: CAVI (

  • 17.00  -  19.00 Open Demo Session CAVI
  • 19.00  -  ?         Conference Dinner

Wednesday, April 10

  • 09.00    10.30    Paper Session (track 3+4)
  • 10.30    11.00    Coffee Break
  • 11.00    12.00    Keynote 2: Andreas Lykke-Olesen (
  • 12.00    13.30    Lunch: Open Poster & Demo Session
  • 13.30    15.00    Paper Session (track 5+6)
  • 15.00    16.00    Keynote 3: Susanne Bødker and Liam Bannon
  • 16.00    16.30    Closing remarks and award ceremony

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