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Paper presentation program

Track 1 : Community/Society

Tuesday 1100-1230, Auditorium

Design opportunities for academic libraries
Amanda Cuello, Kaspar Raats

Min Kultur Nu! A strategy to elicit information for the building of a new culture house
Emilio Bahl, Amanda Cuello, Jonatan Mato, Kaspar Raats, Anastasios Thomaidis, Juan Carlos Wendeus

Knowledge Societies: Empowering through ICT4E
Raul Ferrer Conill

Developing Cross-media Service to Promote Citizen Participation in Northern Uganda
Asreen Rostami, Juan Tomás Rodríguez, Lars Lorenz, Valeriy Savinov

Smaa Skridt - Facilitating creative space in a socially disadvantaged residential area
Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard

AarhusUng - Designing with Marginalized Young Adults
Marie-Louise Wagner

Track 2: Game/Sound

Tuesday 1100-1230, Lecture room N-192

Narratification: Unifying Narrative and Gameplay
Nils Sørensen, Mette Pødenphant Andersen

What You Draw Is What You Play: a natural approach to participatory game creation
Luis Pereira, Pedro Santa, Licinio Roque

Game design, Physical-digital Interaction and Children
Kenneth Christensen, Mikkel Andersen, Erik Monsen, Saman Safiri, Jakob Hansen

Drum2Drum – tangible device to encourage social interactions
Agnieszka Szymaszek, David Eriksson

Chimecloud - An Evocative, Responsive Sound Installation
Arnim Jepsen, Marco Dondana, Lutz Reiter

Track 3: Theory/Concepts

Wednesday 0900-1030, Auditorium

Smart designs that make you “click”
Santiago De Francisco

The Conception of Interaction
Bart Stoffels

Matching challenge and skill: A responsive user experience based on the principles of flow
Philip Dam Roadley-Battin

Embodied Interaction in a Hacker Lab Approach
Maja Fagerberg Ranten

Responsive Web Design as a Wicked Problem
Signe Støttrup Jensen

The Future of Our Digital Selves
Jess Myra

Track 4: Process/Care

Wednesday 0900-1030, Lecture room N-091


Track 5: Systems/Use

Wednesday 1330-1430, Auditorium

Discusys: Multiple user Realtime Digital Sticky-Note Affinity-Diagram Brainstorming System
William Widjaja

iSleep, Unaware Affective Interaction of Sleep Onset - Redesign An Existing Product
Chihchieh Tsai, Yuchun Lin, Yuhao Wu, Jiawei Lin, Yishin Deng

LinkFit: Motivating the elderly to be more active using messaging and progress tracking
Jack Ord Rasmussen

Væksthuset at Night
Christiane Wölfel, Nikolaj Riis Josephsen

Track 6: Interfaces/Interaction

Wednesday 1330-1430, Lecture room N-091

Shape-Changing Interfaces: Viscosity - Learning and Exploring Through Making
David Andersen

Lykta - A wireless handheld projection mapping platform
Jacob Michelsen, Julia Adamsson, Edvard Rutström, Fiona Rolander

Exploring new ways of interaction with smartphones
Tricia Rambharose, Jane Yau

B.E.A.C.O.N. - Beacon Emits Audio from Color, Or Not
Anders Olson, Henrik Persson, Jacob Gustavsson, Anders-Petter Andersson


Conference area Nygaard Basement

Improving Teaching for High School Children with ADD/ADHD with the Help of AR Technologies
Ulrich Lehner, Tsehay Abera, Jonatan Dahl, Daniel Härnberg, Mikael Kjellnäs, Gustav Wiiala

Sugar Sidekick - your daily diabetes buddy
Anna Evaldsson, Louise Heurlin, Kristina Roman, Anna Maria Stipic, Charlotte Åbyhammar

Connecting Distractions
Anna Palmér

Lutz Reiter, Marco Dondana

Days Of Our Lives
Jonas Jönsson, Filip Erlandsson, Richard Lilja, Lidija Murselovic, Henrik Bygdeman, Jesper Norrwie

Urban Alphabets – Enabling new perceptions of Public Space through a mobile application
Suse Miessner

Communication Connector (ComCon)
Mona Salmani, Kim Huber, Sam Sam, Sepehr Amoor Pour, Sara Mottaghi, Erik Jansson

Gustav Boström, Hanna Bylund, Ilona Khammatova, Yelena Koselnik, Marie Nilsson, Cim Nordling


Conference area Nygaard Basement

A collaborative approach based on short time scales to drive participatory design in the classroom
Juan Wendeus, Emilio Bahl

Mobile Probes as an explorative method as well as a tool for reflection
Majbrit Pedersen, Peter Weibrecht, Charlotte Albrechtsen, Nicholai Friis Pedersen

Designing for communities
Tue Starcke-Jensen

Holistic Perception - A Potential Cultural Impairment in a Visual- and Task-related Environment
Lotte Vinther

Music co-creation in public spaces via interactive coffee tables
Robert Fohlin, Peter Kun, Laura Rebolo, Markus Jansson, Niels Swinkels

jOhnny: Lifelike Motion in Toys
Mark Krummelbein

Towards the framework of evaluating educational games and gamified resources
Galina Orlova

Remote Emotional Connection Based on Ambient Technology
Youran You

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